Safety Services

Safety services provided for construction companies across Cambridgeshire and the rest of the UK

We can provide you with a number of safety services

As well as safety netting and scaffolding, we can provide a number of other safety services, including debris netting, polythene overlays, vertical nets and nets rigged with grippas/net claws. We're also able to supply combisafe net barrier systems, access tower layers, air bags and bird netting along with MEWP drivers.
Safety Net solutions are based in Cambridgeshire, and supply Safety services across Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Leicester and the rest of the UK. Contact Safety Net Solutions for details.
Debris netting

Debris netting

Debris netting is typically used on construction sites. It's a polyethylene netting down which debris from construction sites can be thrown to protect people and traffic below. Debris netting is very durable, flexible and is cost-effective.

Combisafe net barrier systems

A combisafe net barrier system is a temporary fall prevention system typically used on scaffolding to prevent injuries from falls from the edges of the scaffold. It significantly reduces the risk from working on the exposed edges of tube-constructed scaffolding.

Bird netting

Bird netting is a way of preventing birds and other pests from gaining unwanted access to areas of your building or construction project. It is lightweight and pliable, and won't deteriorate with age, and is an extremely efficient method of protecting your building.

Scaffold & safety net inspections

Safety Net Solutions are fully qualified and experienced to provide weekly scaffolding and safety net inspections to building and construction projects across the UK. Contact us today to arrange yours.

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Combisafe net barrier systems
Bird netting
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